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  dear hr leadership:

  i regret that i give my official resignation to the company i came to the company just three months, and i'm very honored to be able to become a member of our company. during three months , i learned a lot, and the company's financial situation is also in good shape. i'm very grateful that the company gave me such a good environment to work and learn.but i need to resign for personal reasons. in regularization with my salary after the nature of work and measure my ability to work, i feel the salary is not with my expectations. so, i decided to resign.i hope my applications can be approved before june 20,i wish you good health .applicant: jackdate: june 22, XX


  我很遗憾自己在这个时候向公司正式提出辞职。 我来公司刚好三个月了,也很荣幸自己能够成为医院的一员。在医院工作的三个月中,我学到了很多东西,公司的经营状况也处于良好的态势。非常感激公司给予了我在这样的良好环境中,工作和学习的机会。 但是我因为个人原因需要辞职。在对转正后的薪资与我的工作性质和自己工作能力的衡量后,我觉得与自己的预期不相符合,出于对医院制度的尊重及个人发展的考虑,我决定了辞职。 我希望在XX年7月20日之前完成工作交接,请领导安排工作交接人选。在未离开岗位之前,我一定会站好最后一班岗,我所在岗位的工作请领导尽管分配,我一定会尽自己的职,做好应该做的事。 望领导批准我的申请,并请协助办理相关离职手续。 祝您身体健康,事业顺心。并祝医院以后事业蓬勃发展。

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