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  英文辞职信范例 sample 1


  after months of reviewing the outlook for the company in the wake of this economic downturn, i see no other alternative than to resign my position as chief financial officer with hhh (company). needless to say, after 12 years of service, this decision was not an easy one.

  please make my resignation effective january 31, which is the end of my scheduled vacation. i will turn over all company books and settle my accounts prior to that date.

  i look back on the experience gained and the friends made with much regard. my association with hhh has been a valued part of my life.

  good luck to you in the years to come.


  英文辞职信范例 sample 2

  dear hr leadership:

  i regret that i give my official resignation to the company at this time .

  i came to the company just three months, and i'm very honored to be able to become a member of our company. during three months , i learned a lot, and the company's financial situation is also in good shape. i'm very grateful that the company gave me such a good environment to work and learn.

  but i need to resign for personal reasons. in regularization with my salary after the nature of work and measure my ability to work, i feel the salary is not with my expectations. so, i decided to resign.

  i hope my applications can be approved before june 20,i wish you good health .

  applicant: jack

  date: june 22, xxxx







  申请人: 杰克

  日期: xxxx年xx月xx日

  英文辞职信范例 sample 3





  subject: resignation

  please accept my resignation as associate chemist at xxx research, inc.; my last day will be august 15, 19–.

  while enjoying assigned projects and contributing to the company’s overall growth, i feel my work tasks here have not allowed me to investigate projects in which i developed a keen interest during my graduate studies. therefore, i have accepted a position more in line with those interests at meadows chemical company.

  this decision has been difficult due to the rewarding relationships developed during the past three years. please accept my thanks for your unquestionable support and leadership here at xxx inc..

  英文辞职信范例 sample 4


  i am offering my resignation as operations manager of the xxx plant, effective may 15. as of now, i’m not quite sure where i’ll be looking for employment and am toying with the idea of turning one of my life-long hobbies into a profit-making enterprise.

  frankly, vernon, i was deeply disappointed the vacancy of general manager was filled by someone from outside the company. through years of excellent performance appraisals, i was led to believe i was in line for that position. under the circumstances, i think you’ll understand my decision to resign.

  i do appreciate the management training i’ve been given here; it has indeed prepared me well for almost any general business career i decide to pursue. my best wishes for the company’s continued growth.


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