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  dear friends of ** beijing team,

  i am so sorry to offer my departure to you all but i have to. the title of this email produced an extraordinary sequence of mental images. vivid memories came flooding back of all the good old days with you for the past one year and a half here since my enrolment. all those re-awoke in my mind as i recalled the laughter, the challenge, as i recalled all the fortune garnered for my life…

  my sincerest appreciation to the managerial team: w, s, j and v

  - it is indeed my honour to stay with you professionals for the past 1.5 years. your continuous guidance, help and encouragement do not only lead me gradually stepping into headhunting area, broadening my vision, but deliver to me principles on how to work better, live better, and to be better as well. and i am sure that they will be definitely with me for the whole of my life. thank you all so much indeed!

  my sincerest appreciation to the associate team

  - it is my honour to co-operate with you during the last years. i have been more than happy with the successful assignments, while more than upset and regret with the unlucky ones, but all of your kindly guidance and patience stimulated me over and over again. much appreciation with best wishes!

  my sincerest appreciation to the r/ra team

  - dear my sisters and buddies, i will never forget the laughter with you all (and so will you, i am surej). please hurry up! your future will be definitely brilliant here. i will never stop longing for the good news that all of you become sra or a someday, to better support the managerial team, to help build the more powerful beijing team! come on!

  my sincerest appreciation to the selection team

  - my honour to meet you all in XX and we become colleague friends. come on! be sure that ** will be the best platform for all your career development!

  special appreciation to judy and mika!

  - thanks for both of your kindly support to all of us!


  it is not easy to make such decision because i have been really enjoying the work and life here with you. here, i hope, and am sure that, ** beijing team will definitely fly much higher, run much faster, and be much stronger! my best wishes will be with you for ever!

  yours sincerely,


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