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  i want to share with you some difficult news about my future plans. later today, i will announce that i have resigned from microsoft and will be taking a position in a different filed. it is not without a heavy heart that i contemplate leaving the incredible work and extraordinary people that i have been privileged to encounter during my four years at microsoft.

  together, we have accomplished what some might have thought could not be done. in a few short years, we have defined a clear and stable strategic framework for microsoft’s business in the greater china region. we have nearly doubled sales and have broken through the $1 billion mark in revenue in gcr. in china itself, we have tripled our sales in the last three years. including those of covered oems, and we are posed to hit $ 1 billion in fy08. we have reduced the upc rate by more than 20%. we have added hundreds of new people and expanded our operations to more than 15 locations across the region. we have strengthened our customer and partner relationships and transformed the way people view microsoft, not just locally but all around the globe as well.

  most importantly, we’ve been able to use our technology to help improve the lives and livelihood of millions of people throughout the greater china region. i have learned from each of you along the way and you have made my experience at microsoft one that i will never forget.

  while change always comes with its share of unknowns, there is one thing that i have absolutely no question about, and that is this organization’s ability to continue the great work that we’ve begun. we have a well-thought our transltion plan in place and some of the finest leadership in the team and in our strategy with the big rocks plan in place. i have no doubt that in the very near future, microsoft greater china region will no longer be talking about breaking through the $1 billion but about the $5 billion mark. j

  at 4 pm today, we will have an all-hands meeting in the millennium building to discuss my plans and the transition in more detail. in the meantime, i’d like to express my deep thanks to every one of you in the microsoft greater china region for your hard work and for your contribution to our continued success.



  我们共同完成了很多人认为无法完成的工作。在短短的几年里,我们确定了推进微软中华区业务发展的清晰而稳固的战略框架。我们的销售增长了几乎一倍,大中华区的销售收入突破了10亿美元。过去的三年里,在中国大陆,我们将销售(含coverec oems)业绩提高了两倍,并为XX财年实现10亿美元的目标做好了准备。我们将未经授权的电脑使用率(cpu)降低了20多了百分点;新雇用了几百名员工;将业务运营扩展到了中国大陆、香港、台湾15个以上的城市。我们还加强了同客户和合作伙伴的关系,不仅在本地区乃至全球改变了人们看待微软的方式。


  诚然,变化总会伴随着一些不确定。但是,有一点我坚信不疑,那就是,公司有能力延续我们已经开始了的成功,我们已经制定了经过仔细斟酌的交接计划,并出世界最好的领导团队来完成。我对目前的管理团队及其战略充满信心,毕竟big rocks计划已经就为。毫无疑问,在不久的将来,微软大中华区谈论不再是10亿美元的突破,而是50亿美元新纪录的创造。



  to the apple board of directors and the apple community:

  i have always said if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations as apple's ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come.

  i hereby resign as ceo of apple. i would like to serve, if the board sees fit, as chairman of the board, director and apple employee.

  as far as my successor goes, i strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name tim cook as ceo of apple.

  i believe apple's brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. and i look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role.

  i have made some of the best friends of my life at apple, and i thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you.






  就我的继任者而言,我强烈建议公司按照我们的继任计划进行,并任命蒂姆·库克(tim cook)为苹果新任首席执行官。





  to: all yahoos

  fr: jerry

  subject: update


  i wanted to address all of you on the news we’ve just announced. the board of directors and i have agreed to initiate a succession process for the ceo role of yahoo!. roy bostock, our chairman of the board, is leading the effort to identify and assess potential candidates for consideration by the full board. the board will be evaluating and considering both internal and external candidates and has retained heidrick and struggles to help in this effort.

  i will be participating in the search for my successor, and i will continue as ceo until the board selects a new ceo. once a successor is named, i will return to my previous role as chief yahoo and continue to serve as a director on the board.

  last june, i accepted the board’s request that i assume the ceo role to restructure and reposition the company as a whole in order to more effectively meet the fast-changing needs of both users and partners. since taking on the ceo role, i have had an ongoing dialogue with the board about succession timing. thanks in large measure to your tireless efforts, we have created a more open, competitive yahoo! and we believe the time is now right to transition to a new ceo who can take the company to the next level.

  despite the external environment we face, the fact remains that yahoo! is now a significantly different company that is stronger in many ways than it was just 18 months ago. this only makes it all the more essential that we manage this opportunity to leverage the progress up to this point as effectively as possible. i strongly believe that having transformed our platform and better aligned costs and revenues, we have a unique window for the right ceo to take ownership over the next wave of mission-critical decisions facing the company.

  all of you know that i have always, and will always bleed purple. i will always do what i think is right for this great company. while this step will be an adjustment for all of us, i know it’s the right one. i look forward to updating you on this process as soon as the board has developments to share, and will continue to do everything i can to make yahoo! fulfill its full potential.

  thank you,




  我想通知大家我们刚刚宣布的一条消息:我与董事会成员达成协议,将启动雅虎继任ceo的甄选程序。我们的董事会主席roy bostock先生将充分考虑全体董事会成员的意见,确定并评估继任ceo的候选人。董事会将评估并考虑公司内外部的合适人选,并已委托海德思哲国际咨询公司协助。

  我也将参与寻找我的继任者,在董事会推选出新的ceo前,我将继续担任ceo之职。一旦继任者人选确定,我将回归“雅虎酋长” 头衔,以董事会成员的身份继续为雅虎服务。








  1、state you are resigning your specific position/title and the effective date.

  as we have discussed, i am offering my resignation as systems analyst, level 1. i want to make the resignation effective date as convenient for you as possible, but no later than march 1.

  please consider this letter as my resignation from my position as office manager, effective march 1.

  i will be leaving my position as general counsel on august 31.

  after six long months of contemplation on my future advancement in hhh, i have decided to resign my geologist position, effective sometime in october–at your convenience. the decision has been quite difficult for me because i truly have enjoyed the relationships i’ve built here.

  i offer my resignation as training coordinator with hhh. my last day will be march 1, unless you have a replacement who can assume the responsibilities sooner.

  2、state your reason for leaving.

  you may be as vague or as specific as you wish. bear in mind, however, your reason should be one that puts you in a favorable light with future employers who may verify your employment record.

  this new position will offer me the opportunity to travel overseas, an adventure i’ve looked forward to for sometime now.

  i have been concerned about the limited opportunities for advancement. as you know, i’ve always been one to thrive on change and growth.

  i have decided to seek a job that will allow me more freedom to use my problem-solving skills on non-routine matters.

  as you know, my training is in the financial area, and i’ve had limited opportunities here to make contributions of that kind.

  my experience with previous employers has been administrative work, and that is the kind of job to which i’d like to return.

  as we have discussed, because of changes in my personal financial responsibilities, i have had to seek a position that offered a higher salary–although i understand your budgetary constraints.

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